Pet Connection

Pet Connection

It time to have some puppies on….been awhile.
This group rescued from a very tough situation…glad they are in Upstate NY.

Pet Connection 4-8-21

Meet Allen, Rose, Darwin, Lana and Ariel. We are 12 week old lab mixes.

They were rescued from a very difficult situation…they are now ready to find their homes.
We are typical puppies who love to play, run around, give kisses, eat sleep and repeat! We are learning housebreaking and leash training. Judging by our size now we are thinking they will 40-50# at adulthood.

As with all puppy adoptions, you will need time to be with them…teach them about you and your home, and of course puppy training class is always a plus.

*********Meet and Greet scheduled with a pre approved application.

*********Please note we only place our dogs within a 1 hour drive of Albany NY.

Free to be me Rescue (518) 956-1804

If interested please fill out an application at or email any questions to